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The Advantages of Caravan Holidays

Camping pods are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional camper houses suitable for single friends, families, couples and backpackers to enjoy the ultimate relaxing camping experience. Glamping, the art of camping in a campsite is becoming more popular worldwide; camping in a pod is much easier to do and offers the camper and his or her family the opportunity to experience the charm and mystique of truly remote areas with the comforts and facilities of home. The concept of a modern camping holiday has evolved from traditional backpacking methods to include the essential elements of comfort and safety within an extremely compact and self-contained structure.

Camping pods are ideally suited to all budgets; from budget backpackers who are looking for the charm and comfort of an authentic camping experience, right through to the dedicated gamers who demand the utmost luxury and comfort. Camping pods provide true cosy accommodation for long term camping; they offer much more room than a traditional tent; beds are available, often double, with an additional sofa bed at the bottom; and a microwave and fridge freezer are also available. Most camping pods are supplied with a compact electric stove, lanterns and outdoor lighting. Other facilities most commonly found in a camping pod include a fire, lanterns, outdoor washing facilities, a fridge, a freezer, dishwasher and a washing machine. Many pods will also include electrical outlets for your personal equipment such as laptops and mobile phones.

One of the major benefits of a camping holiday is that you don’t need to set up a tent; the only items required are sleeping bags, camping mats or air beds. You will find many beautiful British and European holiday parks and forest campsites which will provide you with an ideal base to sleep in; the benefit of this is that you get straight into the heart of the holiday park or forest, away from the crowds. The downside of camping in such places is that you don’t have the option of using toilets; toilets can be scarce in such holiday parks and forests. Camping in such areas can also be insecure if you choose the wrong site.

Many camping pods will have electrical sockets available for your use; this makes it very easy to get your own electricity if you feel like it. Also, most will have compact and electric fires available for those short trips on the campfire. If you are lucky enough to find a place with free access to electricity, then your only problem will be deciding which fire to use.

Another benefit of camping pods is that they allow you the freedom to explore a particular area, whether it’s a large national park or a small wooded valley. Caravans tend to be self-contained and you can take as much furniture as you like inside. You will also find that caravans allow you the comfort and space to cook what you want to eat. This is in stark contrast to most human habitation, where there are only one cooker and no room for anything else.

There is also the added benefit of being able to entertain more than two adults. Most campsites will have plenty of space to cook your meals and there is always room for a few bottles of wine and a small barbeque. In many cases, you can even stay overnight provided the weather is good! With camping pods however, you are unlikely to find any campsites that are not within walking distance of a toilet and shower block. It is very unlikely that you will have to walk too far, especially in remote areas where there is no electricity or roads to get to. This can make camping not only more enjoyable, but also more rewarding, as you don’t have to walk for too long.

As well as allowing two adults to have a much more enjoyable camping experience, camping pods also come in other sizes. If you are planning a family camping holiday then it is likely that at least two adults will be required, so a larger camping pod is ideal. On the other hand, if you are going with a group of friends then you may want to consider a smaller pod. Most of these are quite spacious and can easily accommodate a large number of people.

Camping caravans are also a great way to experience the charm of caravanning in style. Many of us who had our first camping holidays back in the 70s had no idea that they would one day become a hugely popular leisure activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Caravanning offers all the benefits of camping in a more stylish manner, as you can fully customize your camping pods and caravans with beautiful furnishings to create your perfect haven. You can even create separate living areas in which to cook, clean up and store your things. This gives you the opportunity to create a totally cosy wooden tent, complete with a sink, fully stocked kitchen area, and storage facilities for your other camping needs.

The Advantages of Caravan Holidays