Wooden garage doors are an attractive, stylish addition to many homes of all styles, size and layout. Wooden garage doors add beauty and sophistication to the home’s exterior and provide outstanding curb appeal. They are also easy to modify and come in an extensive variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. If you are contemplating a new door for your garage, consider a wood garage door. These doors not only look beautiful but are also long-lasting and require little maintenance.

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When considering a wooden garage door, it is important to take into consideration its lifespan. Wood has a very long life expectancy and can be expected to last for decades. With proper care, these doors can last a lifetime. However, it is important to follow some basic tips for wooden doors that will help maintain its appearance, efficiency and longevity.

The key to caring for a wooden garage door is to prevent the accumulation of debris on the slats. Using plastic curtains, runners with rungs that are spaced evenly will help prevent buildup on the slates. Also, wood fillers should be used sparingly and only when maintenance has been done to them. The most common type of wood filler is sanded. Wood fillers are necessary because of the way they work by holding the hair and skin in place. Be sure to apply the wood fillers to the entire surface of the door before covering the entire area.

The appearance of wooden garage entry doors can be greatly improved by properly insulation the space between the panels. To do this, care must be taken to choose the right size of insulation and the right type for the area of the door. For example, spray foam is generally suitable for doors with rounded or inward curve surfaces. Fiberglass fiberboard is better suited for doors with outward or inward curve surfaces. Another type of insulation to consider using is reflective foil insulation.

When it comes to insulating a garage door, plywood is not a good choice because it does not provide a dense, insulating core like sheet metal does. A better choice of insulation for wooden garage doors is sheet metal or insulated foam board. These products both provide excellent levels of insulation and they can also be painted to blend in with the exterior of the home.

Rotting is one of the biggest problems that can occur with a wooden garage door. Left unmaintained, rot will easily spread between the strips of wood over the hinges and panel edges. The moisture that develops will eventually cause warping and distortion of the panels. To solve this problem, the door should be periodically cleaned using mild soap and water.

Rot can be caused by many factors including improper installation of the door, uneven door timbers or nails, and the buildup of debris and ice in the system. As far as how wood garage doors may be cleaned, routine cleaning with soap and water should be sufficient to solve any rot problems. It is a good idea to occasionally use a solution of diluted vinegar and water to remove any rotting that may have occurred over time. If the rot simply appears to be getting worse, an application of sealant may help.

When the wood in your wooden door begins to rot, there are two choices of treatment. The first choice is to replace the piece with a new one or repair the wood so it will not rot further. The second choice is to repair the plywood overhang under the door. A high quality plywood overlay will prevent the door from leaking when the weather gets cold and will prevent it from getting damaged by inclement weather. Overhangs typically run about 24 inches high, and they can be cut to fit a standard size door.

Insulate Your Wooden Garage Doors