The first step in building a log home is getting a quote from your local building company to see if you can have a flat roof log cabin built. Four sided roofs are a difficult install, often the larger the roof is, the more difficult it becomes, so heed some thought and logic when deciding which roof style you want to use. Note: If a flat roof is used instead of an apex or pyramid roof, this will be apparent to even the least intelligent of observers. Also note that most of the time pyramid or flat roofs will require additional support anyway, so why not just use it?

flat roof log cabin

The other major consideration when choosing a flat roof or other two sided roof is the structural integrity of the whole structure. Building codes vary quite a bit from area to area so make sure you do your homework. One thing many people fail to consider is if they have enough space for the planned roof construction. Some two sided roofs have diagonal cross beams and steeply sloped roofs. These won’t be able to support a large log cabin.

Before making any decisions on a log home roof, there are some things to consider. For one, are there any obstacles in the way of your planned roof construction, such as high trees, walls, hills, etc.? If so, are there any hazardous conditions in the surrounding area, such as chemical dumping sites, oil or gas plants, etc. This should be a major factor in your choice of roof design and materials. Also, any utilities such as power lines, telephone lines, etc, need to be considered and planned for in advance, especially where water or sewer will run into the cabin.

There are several types of flat roof construction, including snap, shingle, raked and baked. Snap roofs are the least expensive type, but if not installed correctly, can cause water damage. Also, they usually don’t provide a lot of insulation and ventilation. Because they aren’t sealed, they tend to rot and eventually deteriorate.

Raked roofs can be a good choice if you want to build your cabin with as little exterior intrusion as possible. They can be installed with built-in walls or with separate walls. snap roofs provide little insulation and ventilation. If your climate is very cold, this may not be a good choice because you may end up freezing in the winter.

Baked roofs are made by applying a thin layer of baked clay, which hardens when it is exposed to moisture. A skilled carpenter can create a wide variety of roofs by combining different types of clay. Quarry tile is used frequently because it is very durable and weather resistant. If you use this kind of tile, make sure you leave at least three feet of space between the roof and your cabin walls. This will allow for air flow through your home and will also keep your plants from becoming damaged by moisture.

For added design flexibility, consider including natural materials like wood. These materials will age naturally and look wonderful over time. Also, adding wooden shutters or molding on the windows will give the cabin an elegant, natural appearance. If you plan to put carpeting in your cabin, be sure that it is resistant to mold and mildew. Carpeting is also costly and it’s easy to clean, so choose another material that you’ll be happy to clean.

Flat roof log cabins are an affordable option to log homes. They add lots of value to your home, also help protect it from the elements, and provide you with a beautiful, relaxing place to live. They are an attractive way to add space to your backyard and increase the value of your home.

Flat Roof Log Cabin Ideas