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Beings of Note in Ireland – Log Homes and Ecologcabins

Timber cabins Ireland is one of the most popular building projects of the year. This is why it’s aim is to offer high quality, affordable log cabins for buyers but which are also likely to be the cheapest value for money around. Timber cottages are traditionally built from the highest Siberian grown timber that will last them a lifetime. They can easily be designed and styled as traditional homes using modern day building techniques. If you’re looking for a cheap self build cabin or lodge in an out of the way place then it makes sense to go to a supplier with a good reputation and a large online presence.

Many suppliers offer timber cabins designs that incorporate all the mod cons such as stone surround, crown molding, glass paneling and much more. They can also create bespoke timber lodges and log cabins designs that include a log cabin with double glazed windows. You can also find custom built log cabins Ireland from companies who specialise in making modern timber homes and structures.

The first thing you’ll notice about timber cottages, log cabins or log houses is that they are cheaper to buy, sell and install than most other forms of accommodation. As a buyer you will also appreciate that the logs used for construction don’t have to be harvested, cleaned and sawed (a task which involves lots of manual labour) and this results in better value for your hard earned cash. For instance, when you look at some self build log houses you will realise that they are a lot less expensive to buy and construct than ones that require cutting, drilling, boring and painting. This is especially true if you buy your timber from a supplier who offers a discount. Alternatively, you could simply choose a supplier who specialises in timber houses or log cabins and take advantage of their lower prices.

One of the reasons why many people choose to move into a log cabin style accommodation is because they suit every lifestyle and budget. With so much choice you’ll find it difficult not to find a style and layout that suits your needs, wants and tastes perfectly. In addition to being affordable and practical, log cabins Ireland is exceptionally stylish and you’ll love how they look and feel when they are finished. Many log cabins designs can be created from local timbers, which makes them environmentally friendly too.

When you are looking for a new home for yourself or for your family, one of the things you need to take into consideration is what sort of environment you want to live in. Fortunately, since the turn of the millennium the number of people who are building custom made log cabins and log homes is on the increase. This is especially true of rural Ireland where many families originally grew up and built their own homes. Some even had the foresight to build a kiln on their property as a means of drying pine wood. These days, it’s not uncommon to walk into a timber living cabin or log home and find a warm and welcoming home.

The great thing about building log homes and ecologcabins in Ireland is that they are extremely low cost or even free. You don’t have to pay a company to give you an order and they are given at no charge either. They are easily assembled on your property by you or even if you’re not particularly handy, you can use a few pieces of kit to get things together. It really is as simple as putting a few logs together and adding a few nails and you’ll have a lovely log cabin or log home to call your very own.

What do these bespoke log residences have in common with rabbits? Quite a lot! When rabbits live in the wild, they hunt insects by echolocating (that is, they “speak” to each other) using their body parts as their hearing device. Besecker pigs can also do this by making sounds with their feet, much like the bunny ears!

In the summer, Ireland boasts the world’s largest tropical forest, which means that there are plenty of exciting adventures to be had in Ireland’s forested landscape. As well as seeing beautiful sights like the famous Rabbit Island and the fabulous Rosneath forest, you can enjoy a variety of activities to keep you busy while you dwell in your log homes and summer residences. Take part in the activities listed above, or create your own, and make the most of your time in Ireland.

Beings of Note in Ireland – Log Homes and Ecologcabins