Timber Frame and Post-and-Beam Construction

Timber frame and post-and-beam construction are two broad construction methods with heavy timbers, making structures with neatly fitted and squared-off timbers having joints held securely by large wooden posts.

This reduces the cost and time required for construction, making it an economical choice. The basic feature of timber construction is the timber being used as the main material. The walls and the roof are constructed from timber joists or planks fitted together with screws and nails.

Timber Construction


For the flooring of the building, plywood, concrete and padding are used. A popular type of timber construction is tongue-and-groove construction, which makes use of tongue-and-groove panels for the floor.

Why Go for Timber Construction?

The main advantages of timber construction are low maintenance, high strength, environmental friendliness and adaptability to a wide range of climate conditions. These advantages are further enhanced by the fact that timber construction can be adapted to most local and transitional environments.

Timber frame buildings are modern in appearance and provide good insulation, durability, stability, and quality design. A major advantage of timber construction is its energy efficiency. This is achieved by minimizing the internal pressure through a variety of means such as thermal mass, air leaks, special bracing, and timber orientated bracing.

Common Uses

There are many common uses of wood in construction. Probably the most familiar of these is the traditional house. Timber buildings can be seen in all parts of the world, such as the traditional Australian outback, coastal architecture in Spain, and the traditional Russian apartment building. In North America, houses are often constructed from lumber produced at the nearby lumber mill.

Timber beam construction is another timber product that is used to build a variety of buildings. Typically, timber beams are used for support structures within the structure of a building and as external structures such as fences and decks.

Other common uses include constructing a variety of stable roof structures, such as flat roofs, high roofs, and a variety of column systems for column spacing, column line position and system size. Timber beams are also used in constructing a wide range of furniture such as tables, chairs, shelving, chests, bookcases and many other common products.


Another popular construction product made from heavy timber is concrete. Concrete is generally produced through the use of a pressurized mixture of water, cement and steel. A large number of concrete structures such as bridges, parking lots, retaining walls and many other concrete products are created through this method.

Steel beams are sometimes added to concrete structures to help support the entire weight of the concrete when it is poured, which makes concrete one of the stronger types of beam construction available today.

Your Options

If you want to have a custom tall wood building constructed, there are several companies in Canada that specialize in the production of custom-built concrete and steel beam buildings. You will find many companies that specialize in manufacturing wood beams to construct custom homes, schools, resorts, and hotels. Some of the companies that specialize in the production of wood beams for the construction of tall wood buildings include Jacobs Building Company and Specialty Woods Inc.

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