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Would you build a log home upside-down?

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Upside down home?

When we hear about being upside-down in a home, we tend to think about the loan to value ratio of a home. In fact, just yesterday in the Drudge Report, one of the headlines stated that in Las Vegas, 71% of home owners were upside-down in their home mortgages. This is a serious and humorless problem that many of us are facing as a result of this government-initiated depression we are now experiencing – but that’s a whole different discussion.

However, on the lighter side, a few people have chosen to build homes that actually are upside down!  Some have done this to attract tourists or retail customers as in the case of a restaurant in Japan, and one person used his concept to make a political statement. That’s one fellow who is probably not burdened with a mortgage.

Anyway, with all the financial and political strife we are seeing today, I thought I’d take a break and pass along a link that should give you a chuckle showing some “creative” upside-down homes and commercial buildings.

So, all you log home manufacturers that have cash to burn and are looking for the next greatest promotional idea…have you considered building a log home upside-down?  You never know…

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