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Would a $15k rebate help you sell log homes?

Heard a rumor today… if it is true, it should be a good thing for the real estate market  in general, and the log home industry in particular.  I attended a BNI meeting this morning and one of the Realtors attending mentioned that a new stimulus package was on the way that would increase the home buyer rebate from $8k to $15k… BUT it would not limit the program to first time home buyers

If this is true, it could really get some people off the fence and force some decisions to be made.  If every home buyer has this kind of incentive, sales of existing homes should get moving, which would mean that people trying to sell a home before they commit to a log home will have the means to proceed with their plans. 

Has anyone else heard this rumor?  The fellow who told us about it said that he called our state Senator’s office and was told that a new program is being discussed, but they could not confirm details.  Anyway, I thought I’d share that with you and hopefully there is some truth to the rumor.  What have you heard?

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