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Will your log home be a “second home”?

More and more people these days build a log home to use as their primary residence.  However, having that weekend retreat or lake cabin is still a popular use of discretionary funds… and it can be a very profitable investment.

Buying a Second Home, Income, Getaway or RetirementRegardless of your motivation, with any investment you can make a killing or get your head handed to you. Protecting your investment starts before you buy and continues long afterwards. I have a book recommendation for you that you should consider even if you have already made your decision.  It’s entitled, “Buying a Second Home”, Income, Getaway or Retirement.

In addition to showing you how to make the purchase of your second home a success, the book also includes more than 20 forms such as Estimated Maximum Loan Amount Worksheet, Return on Investment (ROI) Worksheet, Borrowing Against Home Equity: Comparison Worksheet and more.

This eBook is available for immediate download in the form of a PDF file that permits you to read it on your computer. Better still, you can save more than 50% of the cost of the paperback version.

Learn more about the book, “Buying a Second Home“, and how you can save money and read it immediately, follow this link.

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