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Why you should hire an architect

Designing and building a home is a new experience for the majority of homeowners, and simply defining the project can be a daunting task. Hiring an architect to work with you is one of the best first steps to take. The architect is the owner’s representative, always keeping the owner’s vision, needs and desires in mind.  Both the architect’s and the owner’s primary goal is a successful project. The foundation for a successful project is one where the client’s vision of the home and the anticipated budget are met in a timely manner with as few problems as possible.

Architects and architectural firms offer a wide array of services. Most common are the design of the home, preparation of the bid documents for pricing of the project, and preparation of the construction drawings and specifications for the contractor(s) to build the home. In addition to these services, architects offer site analysis & studies, assistance in zoning & planning, environmental impact studies (wetlands & shore lands), project administration, construction management, bidding & contract negotiation, consultant coordination (engineers, landscape architects, etc.), sustainable or ‘green’ design integration or other specialty design services.

‘Green’ or ‘sustainable’ design is an increasingly important design practice. In general terms it can be considered a way to reduce, negate or even reverse the negative impacts that the construction of buildings and their use and maintenance have on the environment. Strategies for doing so can be as simple as selecting more locally available materials and using materials high in recycled content.  Other methods may address the construction type itself: for example, building a tighter, better insulated home using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) or higher performing alternative insulation methods. Technology offers options for heating domestic hot water, space heating and power generation with the use of solar collectors and photovoltaics. No matter the degree or methods selected, any choice that improves the impact that the building will have is an improvement worth pursuing.

Bonin Architects & Associates offers all of the above mentioned services plus the additional specialty design services and knowledge of Timber Frame, Structural Insulated Panels and Green Design. With over eighteen years combined experience between BA&A’s partners, designing, bidding and managing the construction of your home is our specialty, no matter what construction method is used.  In some cases, our clients start with us prior to the selection of their property and most continue with us through-out the construction process. We believe in building more energy- and resource-conscious homes with a focus on efficient design and integrating economical green solutions whenever appropriate.

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A special thanks to Jeremy Bonin for this insightful and informative article.  Building a log home is a huge undertaking and getting expert advice such as this can save time and money.  ~ Tom, Editor

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