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Why is log & rustic furniture so popular?

My nephew came to visit for a few days so I took some time off, which explains the gap in my posting. Today I’d like to share my philosophy about why log and rustic furnishings are all the rage. Although its been around forever – seems that we’re enjoying a huge increase in popularity of this style…

Every furniture style makes a statement

Whether it be the delicate lines of a Queen Ann highboy, the kitschy boldness of a Louis XV vanity, or the resolute proclamation of a log dining table… this is who I am. Our furniture choices reflect our interests. To be certain, some log or twig furniture pieces won’t blend with every decor as few of us would place an Adirondack chair with a Chippendale kneehole desk, but in the right setting, rustic furniture can’t be surpassed.

Log and rustic furniture speaks to our history when people fashioned their furniture from the raw materials nature provided. North American pioneers built log and twig furniture out of necessity. This furnishing style is quixotic – and inspires thoughts as daring as the Westward expansion and as intimate as a memory of a ski or fishing trip in days gone by. Log furniture is bold – yet warm. It can be massive and graceful – yet it is a way to bring nature into our homes. The answers to “why log and rustic furniture being popular” are as varied as the craftsman who produce rustic furniture. Simplicity, elegance, boldness, history, natural beauty…

I wrote an in-depth article about this very subject recently and you can read the entire article here. Thanks.

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