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Who makes the best log home?

A question was posted to my last blog that is one which we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. Bill’s question read:

… My wife and I have been researching log homes and builders and can’t seem to get our biggest question answered anywhere. In your opinion, what log home manufacturer is the best? If it matters, we live in NY and plan to build north of Rochester. Thanks, Bill & Rita

Bill ought to have an honest and straightforward answer. It should be easy to respond to such a question – just as it is easy to answer…

  • What is the best car manufacturer?
  • Who is the best football player of all time?
  • What is the best dog?
  • Who is prettier, my wife or Scarlett Johansson?

With the exception of the last bullet, there is not a simple answer to such a broad question. There is no “best of anything” when thousands of variables are part of the puzzle, but people and companies can be “best” in a particular matter that is important to you. I mean really, who is best… NASCAR or Formula 1?

If I were to say that a company that manufactures log homes using cypress wood was best because that wood is excellent for humid or tropical applications, I might be right. On the other hand, that wood selection may not be the optimum choice for a log home being built in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Thus, nominating that company based solely on their wood offerings may not be the “best” recommendation.

If my suggestion was to choose a company that offered a turn-key, move-in ready, 100% financing log home, that might sound like a killer solution. However, if that company’s price was 150% of what others charged for the same package, then it may not be such a great deal.

The point is that the reason we have more than one log home manufacturer is because there is more than one log home buyer, and all of us have different needs – dreams and expectations. What is imperative to making your design the perfect choice for you may have little importance to me. The part of the country where I live does not have termites, so choosing a wood that has high insect resistant characteristics is not as important to me as it would be for a home being built in Texas.

Defining your needs and balancing those against your desires, budgetary considerations and all the optional choices one has when embarking on this journey requires careful research. Making that research easier for you is one of the primary objectives behind our Log Cabin Directory. We pride ourselves on having the most complete listing of log home and timberframe manufacturers, dealers, builders and related companies you will find anywhere.

I said that Bill should get an honest and straightforward answer, but my recommendation is that he must make that decision for himself. Using our directory as a research tool, Bill can contact as many companies as he wants to get his particular questions answered. He may find his perfect solution is 20 miles down the road or half way across the country, but after talking to enough people, I know that Bill will be able to better define and answer his own question… Who is the best log home company for ME?

Oh BTW, regarding my mention of “Who is prettier, my wife or Scarlett Johansson”? I did my research a long time ago and I chose the prettier one… at least she let’s me think I chose her.

4 comments to Who makes the best log home?

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the truth, good answer. My real estate company (Beamans Homes) also builds log homes and we are a new dealer for a manufacturer here in the southeast and I hear that question a lot. I’ve tried to answer it as you have done, but not quite as good as you did.

  • Anonymous

    another good place to start research is the new website done by Log Home Living and Log Home Design magazine.

    you can find it here:

    Just another resource on a long list of good ones…

  • This is a great article. Thanks for the information. This is a great site.

  • PCM

    Well we found out in North Carolina that Kuhns Brothers and their Sales Reps were the worst we have ever dealt with. Their prices were extremely high, the sales Reps had no idea about the building process or the products, had recommended a General Contractor from the Mooresville area that had never built a home or even a log home, over ordered materials, under ordered materials and as long as they got their commission check they pretty much were happy. We would never recommend a Kuhns Brothers log home or any of their reps in NC ever. There are to many local companies from TN and NC that produce a better log at a way better price!!!

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