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What’s your problem?

Wikipedia defines a blog as “a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject…”

Okay, according to these Wiki folks, I’m supposed to be doing all the talking here and you are encouraged to add a comment if the spirit moves you. I’d like to make this information exchange a little more balanced. To accomplish this, I need participation from you. Specifically, I’d like to throw out a question and hope that enough of you have familiarity with the subject matter and will offer us the benefit of your experience. My question of you is…

When you built your log home, or if you are in the research phase of planning a log home – what do you believe was (is) the biggest problem in completing this project?


  • Choosing the right builder or manufacturer
  • Managing the construction project
  • Deciding on a floor plan
  • Understanding the home building process
  • Working with the builder
  • Log options, woods, joinery methods
  • Utilities, deciding on the right HVAC, septic, etc.

In short, I’m asking “where were the surprises“? Most of us dive into such a project knowing that we don’t know everything; buy there’s always that one (or more) glitch that we didn’t expect. I want to know what that was for you.

Conversely, if your experience was less trouble than you anticipated, tell us your story. I’ve talked to a few people who were dreading the process of building a home, but were completely surprised because everything just came together as they’d hoped it would. Maybe it was because of the manufacturer’s or builder’s expertise or maybe the just got lucky. If you have a story, I am asking you to share it with us and help our small community learn from your experiences. Thanks!

3 comments to What’s your problem?

  • Mandy

    What a well timed question for us. We are at the “exploratory” point of our log home building mission. We know we want a log home or maybe a timber frame type of home as we love the look and feel of such buildings. Although we have bought and sold four homes since we got married, we have never built a home so this whole process is new to us and a little intimidating. Trust me, I’ll be watching this posting with interest.

    I think one of the things that bothers us the most is worrying about all the things that have to fall into place at the right time. We want to do our own subcontracting to save money, but again this will be a new experience for us. Our fear is that if we (make that I) screw something up we’ll be spending more in the long run. Maybe this is just normal apprehension when one is taking on such a big project.

    The other question on our minds now is how do we make sure we pick the best dealer and builder? We have already talked to a number of dealers and everyone pretty much says the same thing… “we’re the best, our logs are the right moisture setting, our style of logs are better than others, our guarantee is best”, and on and on and on. How does the consumer know which is the best? I talked to a local fellow who only builds about 5 or 6 homes each year, but what he had to say blew mw away. He made it sound like if you bought a kit from one of the “big boys” you were going to get screwed. His pitch was really convincing as far as we could tell. Our only concern with choosing him to do our house was what if he goes bankrupt or has an illness half way through our project? So I asky you and your readers, what’s the best way to go?

    Thanks, Milt & Amy in WY

  • Anonymous

    in my opinion, picking a log home builder is like shopping for anything else… every vendor says they are the best or their product last longer, etc-etc. i doubt there is any major differences between any of them. i mean… wood is wood right? if someone builds a house design you like, that’s the one. am i missing something? the big issue for me and my husband are the details. no one seems to cover the small detials like how many electrical recepticles do you want in this room or how high do you want your basement ceiling? the details are killing us 🙁

  • Anonymous


    How do you know which company to buy from and which builder you can trust to do what they say? It seems like a gamble to us, we’re not taking the plunge until we have thet feeling of trust. ~~~Carrie in NE

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