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What’s the best part about log home living?

After yesterday’s exciting financial news (and my insightful political commentary), maybe it is time to let Washington do what it does best and we’ll get back to our important business of talking about all things – log homes! With that in mind, I ask the question again, “What’s the best part about log home living?”

Log Home - Log Siding Garage

The garage! 

At least that’s what makes my weekends special.  Followers of this blog know that I’m a DIYer and from time to time I crank out a special project and talk about it here.  Well, I just had the most enjoyable Sunday and I thought I’d share it with you.

I love spending time in my shop.  It is my therapy, my man-cave, my place to do what I want for as long as I want… until my bride tells me I’ve had enough fun.  This past Sunday, I took the pooch out for our pre-dawn walk and it was chilly enough to wear a cap to cover my ears.  When we returned, I decided it was a good day for a little shop time because I needed to change oil and tune-up the ATV’s for winter. 

The shop/garage is detached from our house and has no central heating so I use a woodstove with a blower, and Sunday would mark the first fire of the season.  Now picture this…

it’s 34 degrees outside, the stove is blazing and pouring out heat, a mug of fresh coffee on the workbench, my favorite tunes being piped in via my iPod stereo cradle and the smell of cut wood and motor oil is battling for my attention.

It just don’t get no better than this!

True to my intentions, I decided to change the oil & filters in the ATV’s and make sure they were ready to push a plow in upcoming weeks.  You can never be sure about when our crazy Montana winter will start.  Some years we don’t see snow until after Thanksgiving and other times we’re shoveling in October.  I try to be ready for everything by the end of September.

To me, living ‘out’ in a log home and having the luxury of a garage/shop that provides me with such contentment is the best part of log home living.  No matter how hectic the work week or how distressing the world news is (see my previous post), getting to spend time in my log sided ‘man cave’ is the ultimate satisfying experience.

The ‘log home lifestyle’ means different things to everybody and the garage experience is probably not high on most lists, but to me it is a part of the package that makes everything come together.

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