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What took so long?

Upon hearing that I had launched a blog, a friend asked me why it took me so long to do this. He knew that I had been an online user since the early 90’s and was involved in one of the first ISPs in the country (a company called PICnet). In other words, “you’re a geek, why aren’t you blogging”?

Maybe it is because I have been involved with the Internet for so long that I was reluctant to start a blog. Don’t get me wrong, I use this technology for darn near every facet of my life – and I love it. I like the convenience, the access to knowledge – I like most everything there is about the Internet. Certainly, I object to the unsavory aspects of the Net such as the viruses, pornography accessibility to minors, and personal information being so “convenient”, etc., but it can be argued that there are vulnerabilities with everything in life.

So, as a geek and Internet pioneer – what took me so long to blog? If there is one aspect of forums, newsgroups and blogs that I have difficulty with it is the change in personality of so many users. Some people seem to morph into vicious attack dog types when they are hidden behind a computer monitor – and I’m not talking about heated political or moral issues. You see it everywhere! Someone disagrees with another’s opinion about football or gardening or cooking and all of a sudden the attack begins…

“You’re a phony and a communist, you don’t know what you’re talking about!!! Everyone recognizes that the hotter the water the better the tea… where’d you learn to cook, in prison after your embezzling conviction? You get the idea.

IMHO my blog is a place to log my personal ideas and opinions, and life is just too short to have to deal with people who have nothing better to do than rant at me. That is why I was reluctant to begin a blog. So, I decided I’d get with the program, but I wouldn’t allow myself to get pulled-in to those negative confrontations. That doesn’t mean that I think my opinion is the only right way to do something – or view something. On the contrary, my opinion is just that, “it’s mine”. So if one disagrees with me, great. However, I would prefer that they start their own blog and use their forum to set the world right.

I like log and rustic furniture, and I like log and timberframe homes. In my “log blog” I share things I know – and my opinions and experiences with these topics. As an example, a while back I wrote an article asking the question…

“Can anyone explain what makes a simple log table more appealing to many of us than a finely carved mahogany table? Is it merely a matter of style or taste?” You can read the entire article here…

This is nothing more than my personal opinion about log furniture and why I like it. It is not a challenge to the universe to debate this earth-shattering issue or challenge me to a duel with a fellow who prefers a Chippendale motif. If you want to discuss Chippendale… please find another blog! If you want to read about log furniture and log homes – you’ve found a friend. Welcome friend!

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