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What? Me advertise?

As you might imagine, I hear from a lot of people. Shoppers email or call about finding specific information, and because we list thousands of companies on our Rustic Directories, I hear from website owners quite frequently. This post is targeted to website owners (sorry shoppers – select the next topic if you don’t think this is of interest to you).

One of the most often asked questions I hear is “should I advertise on my website“? That’s usually followed-up with something like… I don’t want to advertise a competitor on my site“. The answer to the first question is yes. Advertising can be a lucrative revenue stream and if nothing else it can offset your costs of doing business online. The answer to the second question is that you can control that.

As an example, Google permits you to “block” websites from displaying ads on your site. This means that you can display content-relevant ads without showing ads from a competitor.

Even small websites with light traffic can realize income with advertising. If yours is a niche site, visitors to your site are looking for your type of products or information. They will make one of two actions… they will either buy your product or they will leave your site. If they choose to leave – give them an opportunity to click on a relevant link and earn money for that action. Learn more here…

Good luck!

PS: If your niche site is log or rustic related, there’s no better audience to advertise to than those who visit our Rustic Directories. Learn more, visit

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