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What makes a log home so special?

In May I posted a message entitled, Log Homes and Log Furniture… The Norman Rockwell Effect. In that article I explained why I felt a log home was something special (to me). I summarized my position with the comment… “We inhabit a turbulent and chaotic planet, but I live in a log home with hand-made log furniture. For that reason, all is right with my world.”

In my humble opinion… a log home brings peace and a feeling of wellbeing – or extreme contentment. There is nothing more pleasant than being inside with a roaring fire in the hearth while looking out at a roaring blizzard.

Does this mean that one cannot experience that same feelings of contentment living in a brick Cape Cod or a Manhattan apartment? Of course not. But… there’s just something about huge exposed beams, log walls and accents and the whole rustic ambiance thing that stirs these deep emotional feelings. If you’re a log home owner, no further explanation is necessary. Help me out with this one….

  • What makes a log home special to you?
  • Why log vs. other building materials?
  • Why did you choose a log home?

I think it would be really interesting to share a variety of comments and see what living in a log home means to different people. Please do me a favor and add your comment below. Tell us what makes your log home special to you? Thanks in advance…


2 comments to What makes a log home so special?

  • William in MA

    I agree with your comments, my log home gives me a greater sense of “comfort” than I’ve ever had in any of the houses I have lived in and I have owned seven homes in my life. Well said.

  • Anonymous

    Being different!!! Everyone lives on a postage stamp plot in a brick or sided home and everything looks the same with different trim paint.

    Living in a log home makes a statement to the world, but mostly to ourselves. We like being original and standing apart from the crowd. A log home says a lot, but its what it doesn’t say that makes it special to me. It says welcome home, NOT welcome to the neighborhood where you look just like everyone else. My home makes me feel special.

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