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What is your ideal log home design?

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses — Henry Ford

That is an insightful quote from Mr. Ford and it pertains to every business or service I can think of. As it relates to the log home industry, I believe that it is profoundly important for both buyers and manufacturers.  People don’t always know what they want.

Few of us grew up in a log home, most of us were introduced to the idea as kids when we first saw a log cabin in a movie or on television. In my case it was the Cartwrights’ Ponderosa ranch on the TV show Bonanza. Can’t you just hear that theme song playing?

Ponderosa Log home

My point is that we have these ideas about what we (think we) want in a log home, but once we take the time to research all the options we can find ourselves straying from our original ideas.  A classic timber frame home is a perfect example. Once we are introduced to the look, joinery and open design, we might find ourselves drifting away from the idea of log walls.

Personally, I like a combination of everything; a log exterior and lots of stone with a timber frame interior. In my mind, that’s the ideal heavy timber home.  It wasn’t until my knowledge of these building methods expanded that I changed my mind as to what I would choose to build.

Manufacturers need to keep this in mind when they talk with prospective buyers and make sure they are aware of all the possibilities. The customer is not, as the saying goes, ‘always right’. The customer can only make a decision based upon what they know.

Buyers need to spend as much time as possible learning about this marvelous industry and all the options available to them. Just choosing the corner styles of log construction changes many aspects of how the home will look and have an impact on other design choices.

Even Ben Cartwright needed to start with a basic floor plan for his log home, so the best advice I would give a prospective buyer is to start there. Find the floor plan that works for you and then work on the construction aspects. One of the best places to find a good selection of plans is our very own “Log Home Floor Plan Showcase“.  Have fun!

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