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What do you know about log & timber screws?

Readers of this blog know that I’m a DIY type of guy.  I LOVE tools and working with them and I’m always intrigued to learn something new about a specialty tool, fasteners or anything that is part of a building process. 

Anyway, I bumped into Will Leverett the other day, he’s the owner of Log & Timber Connections, the people that make ASSY® wood screws, and we got to talking about screws.  I learned a lot about screws… then I asked him if he’d write a short article for the blog and share it with our community.  He agreed and his interesting article is below.

 ASSY Log & Timber Screws

Back years ago in Airline Industry….wait a minute, what does the Airline Industry have to do with Log Home Screws? Well, since you asked! Early in its history, the airlines had structural failures due to substandard fasteners. I don’t think if your log screws fail, down come the walls crashing on top of your Thanksgiving Dinner and your Mother-in-Law will end up in the Emergency Room, but there are some connections to be made. If you desire to build the best log home, you need to use the best log screw.

 Some log builders believe that log compression is an important element in helping to fight the ongoing settlement of logs and log twisting.  Log & Timber Connections sells the ASSY SK Washer head with the largest head for superior bearing surface.  Our patented   ASSYmetrical threads, shank cutter,  and plastic coating,  allows you to insert the ASSY Screw down faster and with more compression and with less required torque.

Our patented AW drive with 6 cylindrical power application points produces higher power transmission between the bit and bit drive.  You will need the superior power transmission to turn our 3/8 and ½ diameter screws and continue that superior power transmission when drilling a 39” long screw. Throw away those larger diameter lags. You now can have a screw that provides the strength, girth, and length for those impossible jobs, all without pre-drilling. ASSY Log Screws offer superior deflection! In high wind or seismic activity, the ASSY Log Screw will give you superior bend and want break like other more rigid lags or screws.

We saved our customer $1000’s of dollars using our ASSY VG Fully Threaded Screws to restore and re-enforce old timber buildings. These applications will also work in new construction. Check out the attached link for more details concerning bolted connections vs fully threaded screws. (

Our ASSY Log and Timber Screws want be the cheapest, but it is the best log and timber screw in North America.  Increased speed, strength, and size can help you reduce expensive labor costs and solve design and engineering issues.

So if you want your airplane, I mean Log Home to be the best, use the best Log and Timber Screw available – “ASSY”! 

Learn more, visit their website, Log & Timber Connections.

4 comments to What do you know about log & timber screws?

  • We have sold a number of these screws to our log home customers and have had nothing but great reviews about them. I recommend them to everyone. You can learn more at Western Log Home Supply.


  • We switched from the “black” screws to the ASSY screws 2 years ago. Fantastic screws. As a handcrafted log builder we pre-stack our log homes on our VA log yard before delivering to the owners site. This demands that the screws help us achieve compressed scribes and dovetails. The compression power of these screws will surprise you. The screws will need to take a couple months exposed to the weather and not bleed streaks down the logs. Not a problem with the ASSY screws. The bit locks in tight and the screws remove as easy as they installed. Shank cutter is great. No more snapped screws do to overheating on the way in. All in all, i’m a fan.

    -Chad Clark

  • Forrest Homes

    Hello I have used oly lags, timber lock, and log hogs. I am interested in trying out the assy screw. Can you let me know where I would find the best pricing?

  • Hello,

    You can find great pricing on Assy wood screws on our website:


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