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What comes first, the land or the floor plans?

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that I belong to Log’s online community and I highly recommend that you sign up. There is no cost involved, nobody spams you… just a group of like-minded log home enthusiasts. You’ll meet people who are just starting out on their log home adventure, people who build log homes for a living, manufacturers and a bunch of ‘tire kickers’ trying to see what this is all about. You don’t have to get involved in any way, but I can promise you that you’ll learn something just by clicking around.

Just this morning, Ken, a newcomer to the neighborhood asked the question, “Which should come first, the land or the floor plan?” By coincidence I was the first to post an answer his question and by the time you read this there should be other responses; you can read my comments there.

Ken’s question is typical of most people who are new to log homes and just exploring the log home lifestyle. I wanted to expand my answer a little more on this topic here because the whole issue of choosing a floor plan sometimes causes people a great deal of stress. Where do you begin and how do you narrow the choices and options?

One log home manufacturer may boast that they have 50,000 floor plans from which to choose.  Gulp!  Who wants to search through 50k floor plans – from one source? The Log Home Directory is trying to address that very issue – the candy store is just too big to make a selection. Our approach is to feature the top 10 floor plans from major manufacturers.

The thinking behind our “Log Home Floor Plan Showcase” is to let the thousands of people who already did this research help you narrow your search.  As an example, if 2,000 people bought a log home package from a log home manufacturer, why not show the most popular top 10 floor plans from that group of buyers. If a floor plan is popular – there must be a reason. Once you have a general floor plan, the manufacturer you are working with can modify that plan to fit your individual needs.

As of this moment, we are showing 40 floor plans from four major manufacturers and handcrafters including companies such as Honest Abe, Southland Log Homes, Wisconsin Log Homes and PrecisionCraft.  There are 60 additional plans being prepared by other manufacturers, so I’d recommend you bookmark our log home floor plan page – AND subscribe to this blog because we will announce when new plans are added.

PS:  I hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.  Try not to follow what this day’s name implies… leave the laboring for next week – enjoy the holiday.

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