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Turn off the TV and get back to building that log home!

It’s no longer news that a ‘perfect storm’ of Washington bureaucrats and greed motivated Wall Street types have joined together to throw the economy into a indescribable mess.  If I believed that the wrongdoers would actually get caught and do hard time, I might feel a little better about all this, but I doubt such will be the case.

It seems that no business or industry is immune to this economic fallout.  Even in our niche, which has been doing better than the broad homebuilding sector, we’re seeing companies struggle… some more than others.  I’m no economist, but I am a student of human nature and it is my opinion that we will get out of this mess when we decide we want to get on with our lives.  Meaning… as long as we let the ‘talking heads’ in the media do our thinking and planning for us, nothing will change… until they tell us that it’s safe to return to our lives.

I don’t have blinders on and I’ve lost money in the market just as most of you have done, but I am really tired of this crap. I’m disgusted with Washington (and politicians in general) and my faith in financial advisors is as strong as my belief that I will live to be 500.  So what’s the plan?

My plan is to continue working my original plan. Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue can continue to do what they do so well, but I’m not going to participate. I’m using what money I have left to do the things I was planning to do before I started listening to those crooks.  (Pretend I inserted all the legal disclaimers about not being a financial advisor and that your results may vary…)  I recommend you do the same.

You wanted a log home before this economic fiasco appeared?  Get back on the horse and pursue that dream… When enough of us make this decision, the media will go back to reporting on Britney Spears and other important news.  Until we get back to building things and making things, nothing is going to change and the people who created this mess are not going to be the ones to clean it up.

The only caution I would offer is to do your research and do it in person.  Don’t believe anything you read, but use that information to guide you in asking the right questions and getting firm contracts.  Yes, there are log home companies that are on the brink – and there are some great companies that are restructuring, and there are many solid, long-term players that will deliver on their promises.  Research, ask questions, get it in writing and get legal counsel, but get back in the game and follow your dream. I’ll meet you there!

3 comments to Turn off the TV and get back to building that log home!

  • Yes…and maybe we can get back to thinking of housing as shelter and not as investments. Housing should be cheaper.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with you Tom! Life still goes on…..onward and forward!

  • Mick In Ohio

    I agree, but I’d go a step or two further in stating that before we can get the economy back on track, we need a total makeover, one that can only come from a major depression like we had in 1929. I know, sad to say, but I believe that is the only way. A lot of folks need a big kick in the rear before they would even be willing to face reality. Big business needs a total restructuring, big unions, although needed, have to be retooled to the economy as well.

    I have a friend who is 83 years young, been there and done that kind of guy, worth Millions, and he agrees. He went through it and is ready to do it again. The smart companies who take care of their employees and have sound customer service base will survive, and be a model to those who prefer profit over service to the customer, as they will be the ones who have to rebuild.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and a big thank you to the owners of this site.

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