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Thermal Imaging for Log Homes

In an industry that uses chainsaws, chisels and sledge hammers to produce a product, high tech tools are not part of a log crafter’s tool box.  However, advanced technology is often called upon to perform tasks that are impossible to accomplish any other way.

We use sophisticated CAD programs to design blueprints, lasers to measure and level building sites and computer driven mills cut timbers with compound joints.  We LOVE the rustic look and the ambiance of a log home, but technology plays a bigger part than most of us realize.

One example of a high tech solution to a low tech problem is solving the dilemma of air leakage and insect intrusion.  The house can look tight, but fuel bills are rising in the winter and insects are appearing in the warmer months.  Where is the leak?

Today, with the help of “Thermal Imaging“, we can actually see the holes and security breaches in log home walls, corners and chinking seams.  A picture may say a thousand words, but actually seeing where an air leak occurs is a marvelous example of high tech solving low tech problems.

I recently came in contact with a company that is located just a few miles from our home.  Infrared Thermal Imaging based in Bigfork, Montana provides a great service.  The owner, Brent King, wrote an article about how this magic works and you can read more about thermal imaging for log homes here.

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  • Fluke

    Thermal infrared cameras for energy audits offer a perfectly easy way to detect and, with repairs, eliminate energy loss due to inefficient insulation or poor construction thus ensuring that we have the most energy efficient buildings and homes possible.

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