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The Saints Came Marching In!

If you were a Saint’s fan you had a fun Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2010 was a good football game even if you were an Indy fan because it was a serious competition between two well-matched teams.  I’m a Pittsburgh Steeler fan having been born and raised in the “Burgh”, so I wasn’t emotionally attached to either of the teams that played last Sunday.  But… I did enjoy the game.

And like most of you, I looked forward to the Super Bowl commercials.  As a marketing geek, the one that got my full attention was Google’s “Parisian Love”.  Why?  Google did more than just show viewers how to use Google, they demonstrated that anything from making an airline reservation to finding love in Paris can be done using the Internet.

More than that, consider that this gigantic, highly profitable company didn’t use a movie star or fancy special effects, or even a voice over to narrate what was taking place.  In the event you missed the commercial, take a look…

Every website owner in America would have loved it if Google had used their company in such a production, and few webservers would have been able to stand the strain (but that would be a good problem to have).

Unfortunately, Google didn’t use any of the companies in the log home industry in that ad, but they did show how people search for – and find what they want online.

The other Super Bowl commercials were pitching products or services or branding companies, but this ad showed website owners how important it is to rank well in Google.  THAT was a lesson for every business that has a website.

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  • I also think, in the world of search, it’s important to ask what other keywords describe a “log home.” Today, we see the phrase “log homes” take on many different names…post & beam, timber frame, cabin…for what keywords is search increasing for? And, what keywords are dying?

    From personal experience, it is interesting to see what our clients call their homes. A log and timber hybrid home, almost 7,000 square feet, is called by its homeowner a “cabin in the woods.” At the same time, a 2,000 square foot home made from log & timber elements is called by its owner “a luxury log home.”

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