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The Reincarnation of Lincoln Logs

There hasn’t been much good news in our industry for many months, but I just finished watching the most encouraging report on FOX TV’s Huckabee show.  Hopefully this is a harbinger of better days to come…

Everyone is aware of the financial troubles that have plagued log home companies large and small as a result of this economy of ours.  We’ve seen good (and not so good) companies close their doors, restructure or go bankrupt.  One company I wrote about a few months ago was Lincoln Logs based in Chestertown, NY (see: Log Home Company Chapter 11).  That posting also had numerous comments from customers, dealers and other log home industry people.

During Governor Huckabee’s show, he talked about the Stephenson Group based in Riparius, NY that acquired Lincoln Logs and recently re-opened their doors.  The company shipped their first log home this past Friday.  I don’t own a Lincoln Logs home, and they are not an advertiser in this directory (yet), but I was truly excited to hear about this company being given a second chance.  This kind of news bodes well for our entire industry.  It sends a message to potential buyers that business will go on – and that people have faith in – and are serious about turning things around in the log home industry.

Lincoln Logs is one of the ‘old timers’ in this industry having shipped more than 10,000 log homes over the years.  In the worst economy on record, people still believe in the potential of this business and have pledged their assets to make this company successful.  Even if Lincoln Logs is a competitor of yours, this news is good news for our industry.  It sends a powerful message and offers encouragement at a time when we can all use a little of that. 

A rising tide lifts all ships, and more news such as this will only help to encourage people to go forward with their plans to build that home they’ve been dreaming about for years.  Congratulations to Lincoln Logs… I wish you the very best of luck.

Lincoln Logs Press Release

5 comments to The Reincarnation of Lincoln Logs

  • L. Goodwin

    This is very good news for the people affected in this NY town and the whole log home business. We needed some encouraging signs that this market has bottomed and maybe this is the sign we’ve been waiting for.

  • We watched that show too and agree with the reason to be encouraged, but I want to see this company make good on the contracts received before they went belly-up. They want to send a message to every log home buyer in the world… Lincoln Logs is back and cleaning up the mess from the previous fiasco. If you were looking at companies to buy a log home kit from and you heard that Lincoln Logs went bankrupt and the new owners were doing right by the people who paid money already you wouldn’t look at another log home company. At least I wouldn’t. It will be interesting to see what they do about this. According to the TV show they can pick and choose what deals they want to honor.

  • These days it almost doesn’t matter who you deal with, just make sure you do your due dilligence before any money changes hands. Maybe escrow money in a bank until the steps are completed such as plans, logs, etc. delivered, erected.

  • mslog

    I agree with Final Four Fan. I would not be happy to hear they are honoring other contracts but not mine. Because it meant I had given Lincoln too much money. Also, nothing was said in the program about the people that Lincoln owed money when they went bankrupt. I think a Chapter 7 might have been a better route for all concerned. The real winners here are the new buyers while the program presented them as saviors. They bought a lot of assets for 35cents on the dollar.

  • M Harris

    Are you kidding me. They “stole” $75,000 dollars from our retirement account by requesting a large down payment only weeks before they filed Chapter 11. They left untold franchises unpaid. As for the company who took over the contracts, well lets just say they were unneighborly. They rejected our contract because they wouldn’t make any money off of us. We are consequently having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to resume construction of our log home in Oregon. Shame on you for supporting this behavior.

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