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The Owner-Built Log House

It is a funny coincidence that my last post was about a book I suggested for those who might be considering building a log home themselves. Today’s post is about another book that I highly recommend.

People have been building homes from logs and heavy timbers for thousands of years. In North America log homes were among the first dwellings built in the New World. However, the art and science of what we term the “modern log home” is actually only a few decades old.

As the editor of the Log Home Directory I am often asked to review new books from publishers and authors. This is always a fun and rewarding experience as I enjoy learning about the construction process and reading new perspectives on techniques and best building practices.

The Owner-Built Log House; Living in Harmony With Your Environment by B. Allan MackieI have yet to discover a bad log home book, but some are obviously better than others. One such better example is a new book I received last week entitled “The Owner-Built Log House”; Living in Harmony With Your Environment by B. Allan Mackie. This is an oversize 8.5” x 10” full color, 247 page expanded second edition.

Few people have been as influential in the log home business as B. Allan Mackie.   Now in his mid-seventies, Mackie is still building custom log homes and is recognized as one of the foremost log home builders in the world.

Regardless of what stage you find yourself today, dreaming, planning, building or living in your log home, and it doesn’t matter if you plan to build a handcrafted or milled home, this new book belongs in your library. It is an educational, fun and inspirational book about log homes that I believe you will thoroughly enjoy.

Very few of us ever make the decision to build a log home using our own two hands, felling trees, peeling the logs, notching corners, building trusses and roofing and finishing the structure. But I would be willing to bet that most of us have dreamed about doing it ourselves nonetheless.

Among the many topics covered this book it addresses such issues as building ecologically, creating plans, choosing the site, estimating how long it will take and how much it will cost and all other aspects of building a log home.

If you buy this book please come back here and let our readers know what you think about “The Owner-Built Log House”.

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