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The bears are back…

There are two ways we discover bears around our log home.  One, is a fairly rare experience, we happen to see one (or more) foraging or just meandering about the property.  The second way is visible evidence in the form of overturned trash bins and garbage strewn over two acres.  We discovered the trash attack a few days ago.  If you recall, I caught this bear on video last year.

Because bears are a seasonal problem (usually in the fall), we have our trash receptacles surrounded by a ‘hot wire’.  However, we don’t light it up until we know that bears are in the area.  Obviously, the only way we know they are about is when we see they’ve visited our trash bins.  We store our trash about 1/3 of a mile from the house so we never see or hear them doing their trash feasting.

A few days ago I the pooch and I were out for our early morning walk long before sunup.  I have to use a flashlight to keep vertical, but with the dog’s keen sense of smell and sight, I don’t fret wildlife surprising us.  When we approached the trash bins the flashlight was reflecting off of far too many shiny objects and white trash bags – I knew THEY had returned.

Later that morning after cleaning up all the garbage, I checked the electric fence to make sure all looked right and lit it up.  The following morning all was secure, but the morning after that I had a repeat performance from our bear friends.  As luck would have it, the battery died after five years and wouldn’t hold a charge.

Yesterday I installed a new battery, checked the integrity of our fence and lit it up once again.  Happily, during this morning’s walk I noted that all was secure, but the dog told me that the bear(s) had been back to test our trash security measures.  I won, they lost.  Hopefully I won’t be feeding the bears anymore before that settle down for their long winter’s nap.

This photo shows our electric fence surrounding the trash bins.  That pooch was “Sugarbear”, a Karelian Bear Dog who departed this life a few years back.  She was a wonderful pet and we miss her.

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