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Thank goodness summer is over!

Okay, I know that sounds blasphemous, especially if you live in the snowbelt, so let me explain…

I love summer and in my humble opinion there isn’t a better experience than cruising on Flathead Lake on a summer afternoon here in Montana.  So why am I happy to see summer winding down?  Traffic!  To be more specific, website traffic.

You see, everybody loves summer and being outside  and enjoying the weather means that people are not spending as much time online.  This is good unless you run a business website and the annual “summer slump” or the “website blues” means less visitors to your site.

With vacations over, and cooler temps people tend to spend more time indoors, which means more time online.  This annual phenomenon is not unique to the log home business, it is the case for all websites.  As much as I will miss our family afternoons on the Flathead, and all summer activities, I’m excited to see people once again focusing on log homes.

In the case of the Log Home Directory, our visitors have increased substantially in just the past weeks and although we’ll miss the summer fun, this bodes well for our industry.  It means that people are renewing their dreams to build that special log home.

Summer isn’t history yet and I’m hoping we have a few more weekends of boating and summer activities, but fall is approaching and that means football and log homes… I think you know what I mean.

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