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Does it get better than this?

This morning I was sitting at my desk, which faces a window overlooking our front yard, and movement caught my attention. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a magnificent male deer…this 60 second video shows a buck having brunch in our yard.

Maybe I should […]

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Log Home Living

Okay, so this morning I let the pooch out to take care of business and as I’m walking back to the house, this little pine squirrel starts making a racket. He (or she) is munching on a corn cob and I guess he thought I might be interested in his breakfast […]

Deer in Rut

Wildlife Week!

A couple of my most recent posts had to do with my semi-annual “battle of the bears” and protecting my valuable trash from their foraging raids. Well, this morning we had another special treat from the local wildlife as we watched two very young bucks have at it outside our window.