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Attention Log Home Companies...Have you ever sold a log home online?

Have you ever sold a log home online? It wasn’t until the deal was done; money was in hand and the process begun that he realized that he had never spoken to the buyer. […]

Do you have any interest in Pinterest?

Do you pin?

If you are not familiar with it, Pinterest is a relatively new social site. I can only assume it was created because we really needed still yet another social site to occupy our time because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others just weren’t enough.

When I first looked at Pinterest six or […]

Side Trip from the Log Home Business

What do log home companies have in common with other companies such as Microsoft and Nike, or a local automobile dealer or restaurant?

They are all businesses that have customers! And they all share a need to maintain relationships with their customers and discover new prospects for their products. Hey, isn’t that what every business […]

Log Home Discussion on LinkedIn

Just a quick post today. Are you a member of LinkedIn? If not, it is a professional networking site, completely different from the Facebook & Twitter social sites. LinkeIn is a place to connect with other professionals in your industry.

One of the great features of LinkedIn are their ‘Groups‘. I happen to be the […]

Log Home News

Happy Monday all, here’s a couple of noteworthy tidbits that involve log home manufacturers and things happening in this interesting industry…

Dreaming of log home? Do your homework

A new book, “Log Home Secrets of Success” by Roland Sweet (editor in chief of Log Home Living magazine) was written expressly to enlighten log-home-buying consumers. Not […] Interview this month!

If you have been follow this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that my postings these past couple of months have been less frequent than normal. There is a very good reason for my sporadic additions and you may be pleased to learn why… especially if you own a business website […]

Log bLog Attacked!

If you visited this blog in the past two days, you may have seen an ugly message from Google if you were using the Firefox browser. The message stated that this site was ‘unsafe” and the site (this blog) was blocked from view.

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is that their site might get hacked […]

Log Homes Now Mainstream?

Like most of you, I receive spam for every conceivable product and far too much slips past my daisy-chain of spam filters. Those spammers are indeed a very crafty bunch.

In all these years, I have NEVER received spam from a log home related company… until yesterday. Is this a reason to celebrate or to […]

The Saints Came Marching In!

If you were a Saint’s fan you had a fun Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2010 was a good football game even if you were an Indy fan because it was a serious competition between two well-matched teams. I’m a Pittsburgh Steeler fan having been born and raised in the “Burgh”, so […]

Christmas Shopping for Log Home People

Where do you find some of the best online values for Christmas?

There are stores that I visit any time I am shopping for special people. My wife and I are lucky in that we share the same taste in furnishings, so if I like something it is a safe bet that she will also […]