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Is your log home ready for winter?

Fall is in the air…

Preparing for winter is something that every homeowner does in one way or another. Even if you live in a home clad in vinyl siding, there are always things that need done to keep Mother Nature where she belongs…outside. Log homes require a tad more TLC and preparation than other […]

Log Finishes (and 100 posts)

Editor’s side note: WOW, today marks the 100th. post to this blog. That’s a real milestone and I would like to thank those of you who have been watching me stumble through this process. Hope you’ll subscribe to this feed and stick around for the next 100 postings. Thanks!

If you are a regular reader […]

Cleaning / Re-staining Logs

Can you say HOT?

Okay, I took a side trip with my last post so it is time to get back to the main topic of this blog. You’ll notice that I haven’t posted anything in a week (sorry). When you see what has been occupying my time I think you will forgive me.

I […]

Is a new deck in your future?

Whether you are planning to build a new deck on your log home or replace an existing deck, things have changed in recent years. Before you head to the lumber yard, you may want to head to Google and do some homework. A DIY deck project is not the same as it was a […]