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Do you have any interest in Pinterest?

Do you pin?

If you are not familiar with it, Pinterest is a relatively new social site. I can only assume it was created because we really needed still yet another social site to occupy our time because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others just weren’t enough.

When I first looked at Pinterest six or […] Interview this month!

If you have been follow this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that my postings these past couple of months have been less frequent than normal. There is a very good reason for my sporadic additions and you may be pleased to learn why… especially if you own a business website […]

Can you remember life before Internet?

Over the weekend I began the task of reorganizing my hard drive and the 475,000 digital files I had collected over the years. Like most of you, I probably have a gazillion old images, documents and videos that don’t really need to be stored indefinitely. As I was purging these ancient files, I had to […]

Log Home Networking

The message is simply that these “Social Networking’ sites offer businesses opportunities to connect with like-minded people who just might be looking for what you are selling. […]

Are you ‘connected’ to other log homers?

Do you socialize?

I would imagine that most of you reading this blog are not bleeding-edge Internet trendsetters, but you have no doubt heard about websites like MySpace or Facebook. These (web 2.0) websites were developed for ‘Social Networking’ and believe it or not, there are around 350 other networking sites such as Bebo,, […]