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Log Home Company Video

There is a company in Northern Michigan called WoodHaven Log and Lumber. They specialize in log siding and sell other accessories such as flooring, paneling, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, etc. They just released a marketing video about their company and products that is one of the most creative videos I have seen in our industry.


Log Siding Question

A reader asked a great question that will be of interest to many of you. Log siding is often used on solid log homes in areas like dormers or second stories; we have log siding on our home and our entire detached garage is covered in log siding to match the house. Debbie asked…

“I […]

Cleaning / Re-staining Logs

Can you say HOT?

Okay, I took a side trip with my last post so it is time to get back to the main topic of this blog. You’ll notice that I haven’t posted anything in a week (sorry). When you see what has been occupying my time I think you will forgive me.

I […]