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Do you need a horse barn to go with that log home?

For many of us, living in a log home means living a rural lifestyle. Consequently, horses are often part of our ‘family’ and housing these critters requires building choices. Few of us can afford to build a barn out of logs, but there are many options available and educating ourselves on these choices is the […]

Log Cabin Lovers Christmas Ideas WidgetsGive Santa a break…

Santa has enough to do on Christmas eve so it’s time we gave the poor fella a break. Lighten his load this year by ordering some special gifts for people you know who love log homes and cabins.

Have your gifts under the tree early by putting the burden […]

Log homes, timber frames homes preferred…

West Virginia has had a tough reputation to overcome. Mention the state and many people will remember the photos they’ve seen of coal strip mining and backwoods families living far below the poverty line.

Today however, things have changed and the changes include ecologically-friendly housing developments. A long-term development plan for a West Virginia […]

Honest Abe Log Raising

Honest Abe Log Homes will only host three log raising events in 2010 that are open to the public. The next will be held on July 24th, with the remaining two dates on September 25th and November 13th. Since the event is held indoors, space is limited, so the company requests that seating reservations are […]

Outdoor Log Home Living Spaces

This website is about log homes and log cabins. At least that’s what we spend most of our time discussing – with a few side trips along the way.

Consequently, most posts are about the house/cabin part of this timber home business. Today I received an email from PrecisionCraft Log Homes promoting their “backyard living […]

Log bLog Attacked!

If you visited this blog in the past two days, you may have seen an ugly message from Google if you were using the Firefox browser. The message stated that this site was ‘unsafe” and the site (this blog) was blocked from view.

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is that their site might get hacked […]

Log Homes: The Original Eco-friendly and Sustainable Building Solution

Log homes are the original green building solution made completely from the earth’s most plentiful resource. One of the choices we have as it relates to making responsible ‘green’ decisions is the materials we select to build our homes, and a log home offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution to energy conservation and natural resources […]

Log Home Ramblings

Spring is in the air and as of Saturday, officially on the calendar. It’s time to get serious about making that log home dream become a reality! Our directory of log home and log cabin manufacturers, builders, dealers, suppliers and more than 100 floor plans is a great place to start!

Log Homes For Sale […]

It was the week before Christmas…

and all through the house, not a creature was ready… Can it really be true? Are you ready? I wish that I were, but hey… I still have another week. I have a couple of newsworthy and fun items that I wanted to share with you. First, a fun Christmas video. Five million people have […]

Pumpkin Home or Log Home?

I’ll report, you decide…

Have you ever had anyone ask you why you live in a log home? You know the type, they look at you with no comprehension and can’t believe that anyone would actually choose to live in a log home. The next time that happens, tell them it was a toss-up […]