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Joys of Log Home Living

Does it get better than this?

This morning I was sitting at my desk, which faces a window overlooking our front yard, and movement caught my attention. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a magnificent male deer…this 60 second video shows a buck having brunch in our yard.

Maybe I should […]

2012 Year of the Dragon

If building a log home has been your dream, but the events of these past few years have sidetracked your plans, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. […]

Log Home Green Acquisition

Did the log home industry just get bigger or smaller?

One of the log home industry’s most prominent players, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes, entered into an agreement last week with Canadian based PFB Corporation to be acquired. You can read their press release here:

Green building has been a […]

10/10/10 Log Home Legacy

10/10/10, Sunday, October 10, 2010

The numbers make for an eye-catching date, but is there anything significant about this sequence of numbers? Yes, this only occurs every hundred years, but a quick Google search shows that nothing of any significance happened a thousand years ago during the year 1010. Additionally, it seems that nothing significant […]

Honest Abe Log Raising

Honest Abe Log Homes will only host three log raising events in 2010 that are open to the public. The next will be held on July 24th, with the remaining two dates on September 25th and November 13th. Since the event is held indoors, space is limited, so the company requests that seating reservations are […]

Log Homes & High-Tech Communications

When you think about the log home industry in general, or if you are contemplating buying or building a log or timber frame home, the notion of hi-tech is probably not foremost in your mind. A log home is more commonly associated with a laid back approach to modern living; an escape or a refuge […]

Got plans to build a log home?

Got logs yet?

I am an optimistic kind of guy, but I am no Pollyanna. I read the news and follow financial issues and I know how weak this economy is, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that things will eventually change.

Don’t get me wrong… I could climb up on […]

Timber Frame – Handcrafting

Part of the appeal of handcrafted log and timber frame homes is the visible results of the handcrafters art. Dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joinery performed on heavy timbers is a beautiful thing to behold. As one who enjoys guiding a chisel through wood, I love watching a professional in action.

Readers of […]

Log Home Building Questions

A question was asked in the comment section of a previous post. This question is one that everyone who is planning to build a log home asks at some point so I decided to answer it here rather than as a sub-comment.

We have been planing our log home project fo more […]

Irish eyes smiling on log homes

Irish log homes that would make St. Patrick proud…

Home by GoodWood Solutions Ltd., Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. I thought it only fitting that on this special day we mention log homes from the ‘Ererald Isle’. Although building log homes originated in Europe, we tend to think of them in American and […]