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Depending upon where you call home, spring is either right around the corner or still buried under a few feet of snow. Regardless of how much shoveling you had to do this morning, we all know that St. Patty’s day is in just in front of us and trees budding with new leaves will follow […]

The Saints Came Marching In!

If you were a Saint’s fan you had a fun Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 2010 was a good football game even if you were an Indy fan because it was a serious competition between two well-matched teams. I’m a Pittsburgh Steeler fan having been born and raised in the “Burgh”, so […]

How was your weekend?

I’m killing time waiting for the Super Bowl festivities to begin, so I thought I’d do something constructive like write about the weather. Here I am in NW Montana (Glacier country I’ll have you know) and we haven’t seen an appreciable snowfall in weeks.

Earlier this morning I spoke with my daughter who lives […]

Summer is officially over

Depending on where you live, the trees are changing colors or dropping their leaves, the days are cooler and the nights (here in Montana) are below freezing. Such annual signs usually point to Fall and the end of summer. I guess I’m either stubborn or a slow learner, but summer isn’t officially over until I […]

Thank goodness summer is over!

Okay, I know that sounds blasphemous, especially if you live in the snowbelt, so let me explain…

I love summer and in my humble opinion there isn’t a better experience than cruising on Flathead Lake on a summer afternoon here in Montana. So why am I happy to see summer winding down? Traffic! To be […]

The Geek Piece of the Log Home Business

I received a couple of great comments on an earlier post, so I must have struck a chord. Thanks to all of you that took the time to offer your opinion – I sincerely appreciate that. Chris M. asked the question,

“…how to make all this web stuff work. Do you have other people in […]

Can you remember life before Internet?

Over the weekend I began the task of reorganizing my hard drive and the 475,000 digital files I had collected over the years. Like most of you, I probably have a gazillion old images, documents and videos that don’t really need to be stored indefinitely. As I was purging these ancient files, I had to […]

Do you have the courage to build your log home?

We will make a decision and go forward with our plans this summer regardless of what the economy is doing. We’re not getting any younger and the sooner we can get out of the city the happier we’ll be. […]

Interesting Log Home Community

Oftentimes, we tend to categorize log homes as ‘mountain homes’ even though states like Texas and Florida are huge log home markets. […]

A DIY firewood rack for us big kids

Once ignited, the fire of creativity is with us forever…

All I have to do is think about my old set of Lincoln Logs that I had as a kid and I can’t keep from smiling and feeling downright content about… about everything. Everything just seems right with the world for that special moment. […]