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Cabin Life?

What is “Cabin Life”?

People in every phase of buying, building and living in a log home or cabin visit this blog. We talk to those trying to find the perfect log home floor plan or get quotes from builders and manufacturers, and many who have all that behind them and just want to get […]

Buying Log Home Insurance

Getting your insurance questions answered

I probably don’t know any more than the next guy about buying insurance. I tend to lean on my agent to recommend what I need simply because I don’t have the time to learn everything there is to know about such an important subject. I would guess that I am […]

Log Cabins, Log Homes, I love you, I do!

Log Home Living

Okay, so this morning I let the pooch out to take care of business and as I’m walking back to the house, this little pine squirrel starts making a racket. He (or she) is munching on a corn cob and I guess he thought I might be interested in his breakfast […]

Log Cabins or Log Homes?

You say “potato,” I say “patattah”… are we talking about the same thing?

In the “Log Dwelling” business, we hear our products called by different names; log homes and log cabins. With most people the terms have different meanings Without the benefit of a scientific study, I suggest that log home usually denotes a standard […]

The Owner-Built Log House

It is a funny coincidence that my last post was about a book I suggested for those who might be considering building a log home themselves. Today’s post is about another book that I highly recommend.

People have been building homes from logs and heavy timbers for thousands of years. In North America log homes […]

Log Home Industry News

You know how the saying goes, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…log cabins and fine homes made from heavy timbers”.

Well, I know it goes something like that, but if the traffic to this website is any indication, young and not so young people are getting serious once […]

Log Home Winter Wonderland

Winter of 2011 has been one for the record books for some parts of the USA, but here in Montana we’re having a rather normal season. In fact, it has been a little unseasonal this past month. Two weeks ago our temps crept up to the mid 30’s and we had a week of rain. […]

Log Cabin Lovers Christmas Ideas WidgetsGive Santa a break…

Santa has enough to do on Christmas eve so it’s time we gave the poor fella a break. Lighten his load this year by ordering some special gifts for people you know who love log homes and cabins.

Have your gifts under the tree early by putting the burden […]

Best Log Home Floor Plans

Once we get past the drooling phase of looking at log home pictures in magazines and on the web, and have decided to take the plunge, the next step is finding the perfect floor plan. Talk about a demanding task…there must be a million floor plans to sift through online. What’s worse is that after […]

Planning your log home?

Guest article sponsored by Mountain Creations Log Homes, located just north of Pittsburgh, PA, can guide you through the process of building your dream home.

Are you thinking about building a new home? When you are building a home, there are hundreds of significant and insignificant […]