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The Reincarnation of Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs is one of the ‘old timers’ in this industry having shipped more than 10,000 log homes over the years. In the worst economy on record, people still believe in the potential of this business and have pledged their assets to make this company successful. […]

Lincoln Logs for Little People

A great reminder for your this Christmas… get the little ones their set of Lincoln Logs and experience that feeling all over again. Hey, somebody has to groom the next generation of log home builders and it may as well be us. […]

Log Home Company Chapter 11

In a small industry like ours, such an announcement rattles the walls and has people talking in hushed whispers and speculating about why and who’s next and other meaningless gossip. Once the shock of such an announcement subsides, the significance of the decision becomes more clear. […]

A DIY firewood rack for us big kids

Once ignited, the fire of creativity is with us forever…

All I have to do is think about my old set of Lincoln Logs that I had as a kid and I can’t keep from smiling and feeling downright content about… about everything. Everything just seems right with the world for that special moment. […]

Do your remember Lincoln Logs?

Happy Easter Friends

The Easter holiday is a sacred time for people all over the world. From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed and happy Easter weekend.

Time out…

With this being a holiday weekend, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about a lighter topic, but related to the […]