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Caribou Creek Log Homes

Rick Friesen of Caribou Creek Log Homes is my guest and he has provided us with some very interesting comments and outstanding information about log homes, industry changes, the buying process and don’t miss his check list and advice for new buyers near the end of this excellent interview. […]

One Log Home Company’s Story

It’s the classic American dream: a beautiful log home in the woods, on a mountaintop or hillside, or overlooking a sparkling lake or stream. No other dwelling so poetically expresses the proudly pioneering, self-sufficient spirit that made this nation great […]

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes Interview

Today we are pleased to announce a new feature to our website, a guest Interview with Mr. Randall Comber, President of Moosehead Cedar Log Homes. The following questions are designed to give prospective new home buyers insight into the company and products they produce. […]