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Log Home + Woodstove = Happiness

First fire in the woodstove

In my last post I talked about getting ready for winter, and one of those annual log home chores is bringing in enough firewood to last through spring. Well, my bride is now happy that I can remove that project from my ‘honey-do’ list. The weather (and other commitments) cooperated […]

Indoor Firewood Rack

Mission Style Indoor Firewood Rack

Many of you may recall a DIY project of mine, which I dubbed the “Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack“. Although I built this a few years ago for our log home, I still get comments and questions from people. A couple people asked to buy one and one fellow asked to […]

Log Home Fall Project List

I mentioned the word ‘Fall’ to my bride yesterday and you’d have thought I brought up the name of an old girlfriend. She did NOT want to acknowledge that summer was slipping away or that fall was anywhere near approaching.

Well duh, “we just watched the Pittsburgh Steelers play football a few days ago… what […]

Summer is officially over

Depending on where you live, the trees are changing colors or dropping their leaves, the days are cooler and the nights (here in Montana) are below freezing. Such annual signs usually point to Fall and the end of summer. I guess I’m either stubborn or a slow learner, but summer isn’t officially over until I […]

Is your woodstove safe?

If you have a straight chimney where the stack goes from the stove through the roof, you are less likely to build up as much creosote as you do when bends are part of the system. […]

Outdoor Firewood Rack – on Wheels!

Moving firewood is like unloading the groceries from the car… there just is no easy way to get the goodies from outside to inside without making a number of trips. If you heat your log home with a woodstove, you’ll love this tip. […]

Do you heat your log home with firewood?

I’m a ‘heat it yourself’fanatic… that’s someone who prefers to use a heat source other than that available from a utility company. I love my woodstove the way some guys love their cars or golf clubs, and with the price of natural gas these days, my stove loves me back. […]

A DIY firewood rack for us big kids

Once ignited, the fire of creativity is with us forever…

All I have to do is think about my old set of Lincoln Logs that I had as a kid and I can’t keep from smiling and feeling downright content about… about everything. Everything just seems right with the world for that special moment. […]