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Buy, Build or Remodel that Log Home?

Depending upon where you call home, spring is either right around the corner or still buried under a few feet of snow. Regardless of how much shoveling you had to do this morning, we all know that St. Patty’s day is in just in front of us and trees budding with new leaves will follow […]

It was the week before Christmas…

and all through the house, not a creature was ready… Can it really be true? Are you ready? I wish that I were, but hey… I still have another week. I have a couple of newsworthy and fun items that I wanted to share with you. First, a fun Christmas video. Five million people have […]

Log Prep – a very interesting study!

A reader of this blog, Terry K. Tadysak, built a full 9 inch Swedish Cope style log home in Northern Wisconsin about 3 years ago. In preparation for this project he did considerable research on what best to use for interior and exterior wood stains. Terry contacted me and was willing to share his findings […]

Log Home Chinking

If chinking is not applied properly it will separate from one or more of the surfaces to which it is applied and require that the job is repeated years befor it should be necessary. […]

Is a log furniture project in your future?

For those of us who are DIY types, spending time in the shop is something we avidly look forward to. If you are looking to buy some log furniture tools such as a tenon cutter or mortising tools, be sure to see the tools I use and recommend. […]

Did you win the free log home?

Readers of this blog have received a couple reminders to enter the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin Sweepstakes (prizes valued at $750,000). This contest ended on September 29, 2008… […]

DIY & Get a Grip

A friend of mine who shares my love for tools and understands that mindset, sent me a video showing a new ‘gotta have’ tool. The video is a very funny and full of ‘double entendre’ guy talk, but the tool is amazing. It’s one of those head-slappers that says… “why didn’t I think of that”… […]

Outdoor Firewood Rack – on Wheels!

Moving firewood is like unloading the groceries from the car… there just is no easy way to get the goodies from outside to inside without making a number of trips. If you heat your log home with a woodstove, you’ll love this tip. […]

Do you heat your log home with firewood?

I’m a ‘heat it yourself’fanatic… that’s someone who prefers to use a heat source other than that available from a utility company. I love my woodstove the way some guys love their cars or golf clubs, and with the price of natural gas these days, my stove loves me back. […]

Anyone Want a Free Log Home?

This is NOT your average run-of-the-mill log home (is there such a thing?). From the outdoor pizza oven to the ‘man cave’ and media room, stone fire pit… this is one tricked-out log home and did I mention it sits beside a beautiful lake? […]