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Log Burning?

Okay, here’s the mind picture… it’s fall and the leaves are beginning to turn, there’s a chill in the air, you’re sitting on your log home’s deck watching NFL football on a portable TV, there’s ice cold beer in the cooler and a cozy fire beside you. No, your deck isn’t on fire… you’re sitting […]

Our Log Home Deck Refinished

If you have ever received a bid from a company to perform such a job, you probably choked at the price, but I can assure you that mid-way through the project I was ready to call for help. Those companies that specialize in log home renovation or maintenance earn their money. […]

Is a new deck in your future?

Whether you are planning to build a new deck on your log home or replace an existing deck, things have changed in recent years. Before you head to the lumber yard, you may want to head to Google and do some homework. A DIY deck project is not the same as it was a […]