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Side Trip from the Log Home Business

What do log home companies have in common with other companies such as Microsoft and Nike, or a local automobile dealer or restaurant?

They are all businesses that have customers! And they all share a need to maintain relationships with their customers and discover new prospects for their products. Hey, isn’t that what every business […]

Log Home Interest is Heating Up

We may be in the dead of winter and we’re all suffering through this ugly economic cycle and praying that Congress will do something (anything) right… but I can tell you that there is a renewed interest in log homes. […]

Who makes the best log home?

A question was posted to my last blog that is one which we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. Bill’s question read:

… My wife and I have been researching log homes and builders and can’t seem to get our biggest question answered anywhere. In your opinion, what log home manufacturer is […]