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10/10/10 Log Home Legacy

10/10/10, Sunday, October 10, 2010

The numbers make for an eye-catching date, but is there anything significant about this sequence of numbers? Yes, this only occurs every hundred years, but a quick Google search shows that nothing of any significance happened a thousand years ago during the year 1010. Additionally, it seems that nothing significant […]

Inspired Living & Inspired Marketing

Every industry has companies that seem to do all the right things in the marketing department and the log home business is no exception. […]

Why you should hire an architect

The architect is the owner’s representative, always keeping the owner’s vision, needs and desires in mind. Both the architect’s and the owner’s primary goal is a successful project. […]

Who needs an architect?

Every log home and timber frame company has tons of floor plans for you to review and there are scores of floor plan websites. With so many floor plan resources available, why would anyone need an architect? […]