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Suwannee, how I love you, how I love your…

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Suwannee River Log Homes has become the latest log home manufacturer to add 10 of their most popular floor plans to our Floor Plan Showcase.  After you see some of their creative designs, you may find yourself singing, “Suwannee, how I love ya, how I love your log homes…”.

The Suwannee River in Florida was first made famous by a Stephen Foster song “Old Folks at Home”, in which he calls it the Swanee River (note spelling).  In fact, a George Gershwin song, made popular by Al Jolson, also spelled it “Swanee”, but the folks at Suwannee River Log Homes don’t seem to care.  When I misspelled it, they politely pointed out my error because they are used to people making that mistake.

No matter how you spell it, Suwannee River Log Homes have a history that spans decades and thousands of custom log homes made from Cypress. You will not want to miss these log home floor plans from Suwannee River Log Homes.

All of these plans are distinctive and have unique characteristics, but my favorite floor plan from them is a toss up between the Little Shenandoah and the Manatee log home.  What’s yours?

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  • Larry G.

    THose are good choices you picked as your favorites. I like all of them and I’m interested in hearing more about how cypress works in the NE USA. Is it only for the southern part of the country?

  • Tom

    Larry, I’ll make sure Suwannee River Log Homes gets your question. I’m not the best authority to ask on this, so I’ll pass it along to those who know 🙂

  • do you have a brochure i can browse through? also are your log homes of a self build nature or for a builder. i am looking to purchase land in france and put two homes on it and i am looking at selfbuilds as an option. regards.

  • We are very proud to be one of the only true full service Log Home Company’s in our industry. Design, Engineering, Manufacturing of product, Construction Dry-In’s to complete Turnkey’s.

    Call me anytime even after hours toll free at 866-922-7754

    Bill Mathews

  • Suwannee River Log Homes

    Don’t buy without a written guaranteed total contract. We will make sure to get all numbers one contract and help to stay in budget. Our numbers are what the bank needs to move you forward. Let me take the frustration of searching and trying to put together the numbers. We will build your dream log home from start to finish.

    You can follow me on twitter, user name “loghomesales”

    Suwannee River Log Homes
    Bill Mathews
    386-697-1357 Cell

  • This is a great looking yard. I wish mine could look that way.

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