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Summer is officially over

Depending on where you live, the trees are changing colors or dropping their leaves, the days are cooler and the nights (here in Montana) are below freezing.  Such annual signs usually point to Fall and the end of summer.  I guess I’m either stubborn or a slow learner, but summer isn’t officially over until I have winterized the boat.  I winterized the boat today… welcome to Fall.

Boating on Flathead Lake, Montana

If the truth be known, I’m late in getting this done this year, but this has been my annual project signifying that I have surrendered to Mother Nature and there will be no more days on the water this year.

With this project, I move to a different mindset.  Now I have to do those chores to make ready our home for the winter months.  I’ve been cutting firewood all summer so I’m in pretty good shape there, but as all of you know, there are a thousand other ‘Fall chores’ that require attention. As the editor of this website, I also have some annual projects that correlate with the seasons.

One of my big projects, which you will see unfolding soon are enhancements to the Log home Directory.  I don’t want to tip my hand yet, but I can promise you that you will soon be seeing some changes and additions… some of which have been requested by readers of this blog. 

If you’re in the log home business, the best part about these cooler months is that people are indoors and spending time online.  Inquiries from those in the planning and dreaming phase of building their log home are increasing. Now might be a good time to look at your website and make sure it is current and everything is working as expected.  And remember, the world has changes in the past year and people are looking for services and creative ideas to help them make a decision.

Well, I gotta run… time to run that brush up the chimney so that we can light that woodstove.

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