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Riverbend Timber Framing
Riverbend Timber Framing | Virginia Riverbend specializes in designing and building traditional timber frame structures throughout the United States and beyond. From the ocean fronts of Vigrinia Beach to the historic location of Roanoke, your timber frame home will make a great addition to Virginian housing.

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Virginia Log Home & Log Cabin Companies

Old and new log cabins are a common sight in Virginia and an important part of the state’s history. The video below shows the kind of old log cabins that dot the southern part of the USA.

The state motto of Virginia is “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Latin for “Thus Always to Tyrants“).

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Virginia log home companies, manufacturers and builders can be found all over the state. As you drive through the back roads of Virginia you will be surprised how many log homes you will see. There are many log cabins still standing and many being lived in that date back centuries.