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If you are new to this log home building/buying/designing business, and still in the discovery and learning phase of your quest, you are probably confused about a number of things. Don’t feel like you missed something, this industry uses a lot of terminology that is unique to log & timber homes. If terms such as Swedish cope, butt-and-pass, clean peeled logs or saddlenotch corners make your brain tired, you may need a crash course in LogHomeology!

With you in mind, we are developing a new website that explains all these strange words and phrases.  While you’re doing your research, you may want to bookmark LogHomeology for future reference.  That is, unless you already know what purlins and saddlenotch corners are.

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Montana log cabin trivia

Montana log home, log cabin and timber frame companies

It can be argued that Montana is the log home capital of the United States. The number of log home companies in relation to the population size is surprising. Many large and regional log cabin and log home manufacturers call Montana home.

Montana’s state motto is “Oro y Plata” (Spanish for “gold and silver “).

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