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Riverbend Timber Framing | Maine Riverbend specializes in designing and building traditional timber frame structures throughout the United States and beyond. Whether you want to build in Portland or Ashland, Riverbend can take you through the process, from design to move-in.

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When you select your log home builder, choose one that builds to “Energy Star” standards. This will assure you that your home is 30% more energy efficient than conventional homes, and save you hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills.  To learn more about ‘Green Building‘, see our green building information here.

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The first white settlers in Lewiston, Maine, were Paul Hildreth and his family in 1770. They built a log cabin a short distance below the falls near the location of the Continental Mill. Other Maine settlers followed and art too numerous to include here, but Google search “Maine log cabin history” and you will be rewarded with a plethora of results.

The state motto of Maine is most likely the shortest motto of all states, it is “Dirigo” (Latin for “I Direct”).