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Mountain High Log Homes Our experience spans three generations of Log Builders from the rugged coastal mountains of British Columbia, Canada. For over 25 years we have been meticulously handcrafting log homes.
URL: http://www.mountainhighloghomes.com
Email: info@mountainhighloghomes.com
Contact: Doug & Mary McCulloch
1602 Goodwin Ave , Kamloops , BC Canada V2B 4K7
Phone:250-376-2235 * Fax:250-376-2235

Munster & Sons Developments Ltd. Munster & Sons Developments Ltd. specializes in relationships. The relationship between the land and the house built on it. The relationship between view corridors and the placement of windows. The relationship between man and nature. The relationship between the owner and his dream of a perfect home.
URL: http://www.munsterandsons.com/
Box 477, Whistler, BC Canada V0N 1B0
Phone:1-604-932-6254 * Fax:1-604-932-2462

Neville Log Homes of Canada has developed our expertise in custom log home construction, becoming a pioneer and leader in the log home industry. We incorporate elegance with strength into our distinguished log home and log cabin designs. With over 40 years of experience as a log home manufacturer, Neville Log Homes have changed the way log homes are constructed.
URL: http://www.nevilogcanada.com/
Email: nevillecanada@nevilogcanada.com
215 Peerless Way, Kamloops, BC Canada V2C 6X2
Phone:866-573-1866 * Fax:250-573-4471

Nicola Logworks the business serves both a local and international clientele, with about 60% of the work destined for the US and the balance delivered throughout British Columbia and offshore markets that include Germany, Scandinavia and Japan. We are a "multi-discipline" log home construction company, and focus our skills on post & beam log work, dovetail joinery, scribed log home construction and timber frame.
URL: http://www.logworks.ca/
Email: info@logworks.ca
Box 1027, Merritt, BC Canada V1K 1B8
Phone:250 378-4977 * Fax:250 378-4611
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