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Log Rhythms Inc. We provide consulting services regarding material, labor and logistics to the log home industry. Our designs are in color, 3-D, and often fully rendered. Fly-arounds are included with each design. Since 1978, we have built or designed (or both) well over 150 log homes around the world.
URL: http://www.logrhythms.com/
Email: greg@logrhythms.com
Type: Architect
61283 Ring Bearer Ct., Bend, OR USA 97702
Phone:541-389-4887 * Fax:541-389-6833

Natural Wood Tek, Inc. Because we believe in creating longevity, we design our custom log homes to last. Then we teach our log home owners state-of-the art maintenance techniques--or, if they prefer, we provide an annual maintenance program.
URL: http://www.naturalwoodtek.com
25481 S. Newkirchner Rd., Mulino, OR USA 97042

Northwest Custom Log Homes is not a franchise, but rather a special blend of wood artistry and cottage industry. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. From log shells to log accents to the finished structure, we can manage all the details and deliver you a final product.
URL: http://www.nwcustomloghomes.com
Email: logking@cmc.net
17285 Satterlee Way, Bend, OR USA 97707
Phone:541-593-5610 * Fax:541-593-9741

Oregon Log Homes has established itself as a handcrafter of the highest quality. In the long history of log home construction, we are the only log home company to win the prestigious "Best in American Living" award by the National Association of Homebuilders.
URL: http://www.oregonloghomes.com
Email: Dreams@oregonloghomes.com
Type: Builder
1399 N Hwy 197, Maupin, OR USA 97037
Phone:541-395-2533 * Fax:541-395-2469
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