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Red Dog Log Cabins We feature custom built cabins made right here in Minnesota by skilled craftsmen. We can deliver the home to your property for you to assemble, arrange for assembly, or, in most cases, we can deliver the entire home pre-assembled.
URL: http://www.reddoglogcabins.com/
Type: Manufact
401 7th Ave, Two Harbors, MN USA 55616

Red Head Log Cabins by Barna Log Homes through a partnership Bass Pro Shops. Built with premium-graded, kiln-dried yellow and white pine log systems, each model comes with a distinctive red metal roof to reflect the RedHead brand. Custom add-on features include a lean-to roof, deck systems and deck railings.
URL: http://www.redheadlogcabins.com/
Type: Manufact
P.O. Box 4579, Oneida , TN USA 37841

RippleCraft Log Homes Since 1981 we have been producing homes both distinctive in appearance and distinguished by their quality. At the heart of our success is the application of superior engineering and common sense in response to the problems that have plagued the log home since man first discovered that trees could be used to build shelter.
URL: http://www.ripplecraft.com/
Email: sales@ripplecraft.com
Type: Manufact
PO Box 69, Fairview, MI USA 48621
Phone:989-848-5948 * Fax:989-848-2234

River Country Log Homes We have developed our own line of smaller log cabins and homes at smaller prices than you are used to seeing when shopping for a log home. All plans are pre-priced with us building them on your site. They are great for a rental or guest cabin or the larger ones make a great vacation home or primary residence. Check us out and see for yourself!
URL: www.rivercountryloghomes.com
Email: logman@rivercountryloghomes.com
Type: Manufact, Builder
P.O.Box 1489 , Steelville , MO USA 65565
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